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This web site was developed as an online catalogue to provide our clients and potential clients with information pertinent to their safety requirements.


It is also an ongoing source of useful information to help prevent crime and to provide our citizens in South Africa with proactive and reactive measures to ensure, as best possible, their safety.


Metzco cc is a dedicated manufacturer of Security Products and Security Information, we cover the entire country, our details are in the "contact us" page. Be sure to visit our other sites mentioned below.


World first

Many of our products are world firsts, we do not copy other products or companies, we pride ourselves too much to be copy-artists who lack the innovation or ethics to contribute new and effective measures to a crime-ridden country. How many people or companies do you know who have invented totally new measures and even written a book on security such as Home Guard below?


Our new anti rape device is a world first and never before seen. Ask us about this to effectively protect the women in your life.


Another world first is showcased on be sure to visit this site if you want to protect your home and family in ways even Captain Kirk of Star Trek would  have recommended.  The time has arrived for us to fight back and we arm you to do just that!!!


We have produced the book "Home Guard" which has been written specifically to help safeguard your home and family, be sure to order a copy, it contains distilled research into the crime that affects us in our homes and the solutions to it!


Home Security Assessment

Take advantage of our Durban home security assessment service. We examine your home the way an unwelcome intruder may do so as to gain entry to your home and family.

We find the gaps and help you plug them!!

The cost is R500. We also offer a project management service for 10% of the cost of the security installations.

We work with reputable installers who are accountable. Isn't that refreshing?

So take the guesswork out of what to install and where. Leave it to the guy who knows what he is doing! (makes a lot of sense and works out far more effective and cheaper in the end)


Our aim is to help you, wherever possible, to protect yourself and loved ones.


We are the sole distributors for these weapons and we manufacture our own range of VENOM pepper spray products as well as Venom Body Armour.


What is in the menu?


About us -

A short story about the founder (not interesting) and why we are here!


Pepper Guns - Non Lethal Weapons

Here you will find pictures and prices of our pepper guns and ammo and auxiliary products and services. These guns are non-lethal or less-lethal and do not require a licence. Non-lethal weapons are the choice of police forces throughout the world for a good reason, they are extremely effective without the need to kill.


Pepper sprays -

VENOM is our own brand manufactured by Metzco cc, by far the powerhouse of pepper sprays, a little more expensive than other sprays but visit this page to find out why. We also produce our own pepper spray dispensers, known as Venomisers. These units offer a brilliant alternative to confrontation by means of remote triggering.


Rope ladders internationally famous

Rope ladders form a vital need for escape and therefore is part of the security requirements. We also produce rope ladders for the worldwide use in movies, helicopters, mountains, mines, oil rigs etc. you can find our dedicated rope ladder site here... or


Contact us -

If you would like to contribute suggestions, or place an order, or complain, or tell a story, or ask a question, or buy me a beer, this is the place to get hold of me.



Thank you for  your visit and patience.......

We are improving this site over the next few days, we will have pages that are truly helpful as you may guess from the menu, however these will be uploaded and added to shortly